Homeopathy is a holistic natural form of medicine, with an personal approach. Not two people are alike! We are all unique individuals and eventhough we may suffer from ‘common diseases’, we all experience disease in our own specific way; depending on vitality, our hereditary background, disease history, character, biography etcetera….The personal characteristics are the leading factors in homeopathic treatment.
In the follow-up consultation we evaluate the treatment. What kind of changes have occurred, which symptoms improved, how is the energy and how does one feel generally? Depending on this information, prescription will be adjusted.
Everyone – regardless the medical diagnosis –  can benefit from homeopathy, as it increases vitality, strenghtens the immune-system and supports healing side effects from conventionall medicine.
Homeopathy can be combined with other treatment like osteopathy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy or any other treatment from a conventional specialist.

Acute complaints-  for example: injury, surgery, sprains, etc.. – demand a fast and direct approach.
A brief consultation is often sufficient in such a case.
If the acute symptoms have improved, it may be worthwhile to treat any underlying causes.