Samuel Hahnemann was the first doctor who classified diseases in  categories. He called it: ‘ disease classification ‘. He wrote about it extensively in his book: ‘The chronic diseases’.
The classical homeopath who works according to this method analyzes all factors connected to a particular disease condition.  After doing so, these factors are classified according to the different underlying disease causes; e.g.  hereditary conditions, side effects of vaccinations, side effects of regular medication, diet errors, injuries, operations, and other major biographical events in life.  Working with this method makes it clear what has priority in the prescribtion of remedies in the current situation. It also makes it easier to give a prognosis of the treatment, besides being a gentle and profound healing method.

Mainly LM-potencies are being used; according to Samuel Hahnemann these are the most perfect potencies, because the healing reaction to LM potencies is mild, quick and profound.
They also shorten the length of treatment.

The LM potency is a dilution of 1:50.000.  Each dynamisation is accompanied by succussion 100 times.
The application of LM potencies is much different than the application of C-potencies, which are being used by many other homeopaths.
The great advantage of LM-potencies is the fact that they can be taken every day, if necessary. The dosis will be exactly tuned to each person individually, which gives good control on the healing proces.
The frequency of dosis depends on each individual and pathology.

The homeopathic medication is dissolved in water or alcohol and administered by inhalation.
It’s easy and efficient!

The olfactory organ has the shortest connection to the brain. By inhalation (a light breath above the medicine-bottle) the olfactory stimulus is taken directly to the brain.
The olfactory information is being transfered to the brain;  the activating, healing stimulus of the homeopathic medicine is absorbed in the brain and will stimulate the body’s healing capacity.