From an early age I have been fascinated by everything about health, disease and what makes that one person copes easily with difficult circumstances in life, and another person can’t ? What is needed for each individual to be healthy, vital and to be able to give meaning to one’s life?
From 1980-‘ 84 I was employed at ‘The Blue Nursing Service’ Redcliffe, Australia.  After my children were born, I started to study homeopathy at the School of Classical Homeopathy in Amersfoort. Since 1997 I have my own practice.
In 2002 I completed a training ‘terminal care’ at the NIS in Utrecht, after which I volunteered part-time in ‘Hospice Den Helder’.
In 2011 I completed the part-time post-HBO ‘bereavement counseling’  at the HGU in Utrecht.
I follow annually homeopathy and medical schooling at the SHH in  Almelo, Netherlands:

In the past I worked as a volunteer in parentshome ‘BetJoles’ Haifa.
In my practice for homeopathy I offer a broad, personal approach to guide people in the proces to health.