A mourning process can be caused by different types of losses: a divorce, sudden unemployment, emigration, and off course the death of a loved one. The definite move to a nursing home is also a dramatic event, both for the person whom it concerns and for the family. Another loss with great consequences is the loss of health.

People don’t always understand what it means to struggle with a failing health, and how much energy it takes to come to terms with  decreasing physical and/or mental conditions. Think e.g. of Parkinson or Alzheimer disease.

The pain of a loss is, that you have to cope with the fact that someone, or something very meaningful to you, is unintentionally lost forever. Most people who have to deal with a loss, find a way to continue their life in one way or another.  If, however, there is little support in the immediate environment, it may be helpful to ask for assistence in this painful proces.