Bereavement counseling is no therapy……

What I do offer is a safe, professional environment to support  someone in a dificult and painful proces.

 Practically, this means:

  1. Individual consultation in which we will look together where the process stagnates, and to find out what is needed to cope with this difficult proces.
  2. The facility to question subjects like ‘how to give meaning to life’ again, and help someone – for example –  to create farewell rituals etc.

I’m not connected to a religious community, but I consider myself as a religious person.

In my work and personal background I am familiar with 2nd generation war problems.

A maximum of 5 consultations is usually sufficient.
If necessary, I refer to specialized therapy.

For both physical and/or emotional symptoms such as e.g. sleep problems, fatigue, headaches I offer the possibility of classical homeopathy.

For more information about bereavement counseling, please feel free to contact me.