From an early age I have been fascinated by everything about health, disease.  What is needed to cope with difficult circumstances in life?
What is needed for each individual to be healthy, vital and to give meaning to one’s life?

From 1980-‘ 84 I was employed at ‘The Blue Nursing Service’ Redcliffe, Australia.  After my children were born, I started to study homeopathy at the School of Classical Homeopathy in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Since 1997 I have my own practice.
In 2002 I completed a training ‘terminal care’ at the NIS in Utrecht, after which I volunteered parttime in ‘Hospice Den Helder’.
In 2011 I completed the part-time post-HBO ‘bereavement counseling’  at the HGU in Utrecht and in 2014 I worked as a volunteer in the nursingward in parentshome ‘BethJoles’ Haifa, Israel.
From 2015-2018 I lived in Mizpe Ramon, Israel.

I update my knowledge on homeopathy and medical schooling at the SHH in  Almelo, Netherlands:

In my practice for homeopathy I offer a personal approach to guide people in the proces to health.